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The enterprise Chemical production of XXI actively works at the market of industrial chemistry since 2000. The main activity - delivery of chemical reactants, technical production for technological processes of various industries.
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Ammonium Molybdenum Acid
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1450 RUB
Ammonium (lat. Ammonium) is a complex inorganic cation; in compounds it plays the role of a monovalent metal. The chemical formula is (NH4) 2MoO4 , molar mass 196.01 g / mol, density 2.27 g / cm 3 .   Ammonium molybdenum acid is an inorganic compound, a salt of ammonium and molybdenum...
Group: Ammonium molybdate
Ammonium chloride
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26000 RUB
Ammonium chloride (ammonium chloride, mouth. Technical name - ammonia) NH4Cl - salt, a white crystalline, slightly hygroscopic powder, odorless. Ammonium chloride is widely used in dyeing, sieve printing, electroplating, in soldering and tinning, for the production of plywood, as a smoke -...
Group: Ammonium chloride
Barium hydroxide 8-aqueous
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106596.75 RUB
Barium hydroxide (caustic barium, barium oxide hydrate) Ba (OH) 2 · 8H2O - colorless crystals. The reagent is highly soluble in water (3.75% anhydrous Ba (OH) 2 at 20 ° C), the solubility increases with heating. The solution has a strongly alkaline reaction. In contact with air, it absorbs CO2 and...
Group: Barium hydroxide 8- aqueous
Whitewash zinc BC-1
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The whitewash of zinc grades BTs - 1 is obtained in muffle furnaces by the oxidation of metallic zinc. The brand of white zinc BTs - 1 differs from the BTsOM brand in the percentage of the mass fraction of zinc compounds in the white pigment obtained, with insignificant changes in other indicators....
Group: Whitewash
Granular boric anhydride (boron oxide)
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Boric anhydride (anhydrous boric acid) is obtained directly by heating boron in an oxygen atmosphere, as well as during dehydration. Fields of application: in the chemical industry (production of boron trifluoride, elemental boron, boron carbide, boron hydrogen), in the production of enamel frits...
Group: Boric acid, grade A
Nitric acid
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Nitric acid is mixed with water in any ratio. In aqueous solutions, it almost completely dissociates into ions.
Group: Acid nitric
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Vanadium is an element of a side subgroup of the fifth group, the fourth period of the periodic system of chemical elements of D. I. Mendeleev, with atomic number 23. It is designated by the symbol V (lat. Vanadium). The simple substance is vanadium (CAS number: 7440 - 62 - 2) - a ductile metal of...
Group: Vanadium carbide
Cobalt (II) sulfate 7-aq. (sulfate)
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Cobalt (II) sulfate 7 - aq. - an inorganic substance with the formula CoSO4 · 7H2O, is a salt of bivalent cobalt and sulfuric acid, has the form of red crystals. It occurs in nature in the form of a number of minerals. Application: pigment for glass and ceramics, a component of electrolytes for...
Group: Cobalt compounds
Boric acid, technical
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Orthoboric or boric acid is a crystalline colorless substance of a scaly appearance, oily to the touch, with no smell. This weak acid has a layered triclinic lattice. A colorless crystalline substance in the form of flavourless flakes, has a layered triclinic lattice in which acid molecules are...
Group: Boric acid, grade A
Iron Sulfate Monohydrate
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Iron sulfate (sulfate) It is used in the textile industry, in agriculture as an insecticide, in the manufacture of premixes for fortifying feed with microelements, for the preparation of mineral paints, in the manufacture of ink, in dyeing (for dyeing wool in black), for preserving...
Group: Iron sulfate (ferrous) 7-water
Sulphuric acid
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In equipment sulfuric acid call its mixes both with water, and with sulfuric SO3 anhydride. If molar relation of SO3: H2O 1 — SO3 solution in sulfuric acid (oleum).
Group: Sulfuric acid
Potassium iodide
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Potassium iodide or potassium iodide; potassium iodide contains 76.45 iodine. Potassium iodide is a colorless crystal or a white crystalline powder. Name Potassium iodide Chemical formula KI PHYSICAL THERMAL CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance White crystals Density 3.3 Molecular...
Group: Potassium iodide


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